• Total duration: 55 min
  • Trial & Eros brings forth another theatrically outrageous work; witness the patriarchal implosion, watch the phoenix princess rise, behold the new disorder and laugh! Five eccentric characters, a family of hedonists in the final stages of their glory, indulge their witty and absurd theatricality in both celebration and critique. Deborah Dunn has brought her dance theatre to new heights in this work, joining many veins from the body of her 15 years of choreography into one unified work.Delving into an ironic yet compelling romanticism, the work unites the lyrical and the architectural in dances that hone Dunn’s musical and painterly style. Working with the sculptural and the ecstatic, the still and the moving, richly detailed, striking tableaux come to life in vibrant ensemble dancing. The quintet moves out of unison in complex spatial patterns or duos and trios come together in elegant partnering.

    Elegant Heathens temporarily lifts the veil of “socially appropriate behavior” from our shoulders and reminds us that to be human is to have quirks, desires and feelings we cannot always explain, but perhaps should not always need to. Social codes play an invaluable role in controlling humanity’s more destructive urges. When permitted to become unwieldy, however, such codes can have a stifling effect on the human spirit. In a world of red tape, rules and restrictions (social, governmental, what have you) Dunn’s work is an explorative breath of fresh air that reminds us of Art’s importance to Life, and to our world. - Nicolette Little, Plank Magazine

    • Year of premiere: 2005
    • Target audience: Grand public
    • Choreographer(s): Deborah Dunn, Élisabeth Pouliot-Roberge
    • Performer(s): Audrée Juteau, Alexandre Parenteau, Dean Makarenko, Deborah Axelrod, Sophie Lavigne.
    • Collaborator(s): Costumes: Deborah Dunn, Josée Gagnon; Éclairages: Deborah Dunn; Musique: Vivaldi, Purcell, Chopin, Haendel, Schubert.
    Last update: 16 novembre 2011