• Sophie Breton

    Photo: Jérôme Delapierre
  • Isabelle Van Grimde

    Photo: Michael Slobodian


  • How, in the near future, can the boundaries of the body and its identity be redefined? Eve 2050 invites audiences to engage in an artistic, aesthetic and ethical reflection on the future of human beings and the body in an age of digital technology, biomedical advances and artificial intelligence. Combining dance, video, music, visual and digital arts, the work takes on various forms to be presented in theatres, public spaces and online. The result is a fascinating integration of life and technology. In this last part of the triptych, the creators of Eve 2050 assume control of the audience’s gaze: the story unfolds in time and space on a conventional stage. The interactive devices managed via a single computer can be synchronized or dissociated, an integral part of Isabelle Van Grimde’s choreographic composition.

    • Target audience: Adulte, Grand public
    • Choreographer(s): Isabelle Van Grimde
    • Performer(s): Sophie Breton, Justin De Luna, Chi Long, Marine Rihxon, Gabrielle Roy, Georges Nicolas Tremblay, Félix Cossette, Emmanuelle Martin, Erika Morin, Marie Mougeolle, Bronte Poiret-Prest, Soula Trougakos, Rhéa Sky Walsh
    • Collaborator(s): Directrice artistique : Isabelle Van Grimde; Costumes : Pascale Bassani; Design Visuel et d’interaction : Jérôme Delapierre; Sculptures et accesoires : Marilene Oliver; Musique : Tom Gossage
    Last update: 1 février 2018