• Photo: Montréal Danse
  • Photo: Montréal Danse


  • GROUND and REBO(U)ND are two works of a new diptych by choreographer Caroline Laurin-Beaucage. Two ongoing creation processes produced by Montréal Danse, Lorganisme and Hub Studio.

    A stage piece for 5 performers, GROUND (fka Si mon Corps) works with the constraints of gravity, rebound and coordination, revealing the drives, dynamics and unconscious interdependencies common to social bodies. An organic and combative contemplation of conscience and survival, GROUND is « earth, ice, dirt, jolt, breath, palpation, path, temporality, finality».

    A multimedia piece to be projected by mapping on facades and urban surfaces, REBO(U)ND explores in its own way the same themes. Bodies gravitate, looking away to the vanishing point. Contemplating falling without vertigo and entertaining ideas of immortality, REBO(U)ND is «liberty, detachment, abandonment, oblivion… the possibility of being, effortlessly».

    The diptych will be unveiled in Montreal in 2018. REBO(U)ND will tour with GROUND and be projected on its own.

    PRODUCTION : Montréal Danse & LORGANISME; COPRODUCTION : Agora de la danse

    • Year of premiere: 2018
    • Target audience: Grand public
    • Choreographer(s): Caroline Laurin-Beaucage
    • Performer(s):

      GROUND : Rachel Harris, Kimberly De Jong, Brianna Lombardo, Louis-Elyan Martin, David Rancourt

      REBO(U)ND :Louis-Elyan Martin, Brianna Lombardo, Kimberley De Jong, Bradley Eng

    • Collaborator(s):


      DRAMATURGE : Kathy Casey / CONCEPTEUR SONORE : Larsen Lupin (Jean Gaudreau) / LUMIÈRES : David-Alexandre Chabot / SCÉNOGRAPHIE + COSTUMES : Odile Gamache

      PRODUCTION : Montréal Danse & LORGANISME; COPRODUCTION : Agora de la danse


      DIRECTION DE CRÉATION : Thomas Payette / DIRECTION TECHNIQUE & PRODUCTION : Hugues Kir Caillères / RÉALISATEUR : Kevin Jung-Hoo | DRAMATURGE : Kathy Casey / LUMIÈRES : Gonzalo Soldi / CONCEPTION SONORE: Jean Gaudreau / COSTUMES : Odile Gamache / COACHES (TRAMPOLINE) : Bradley Eng, Bailey Eng

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