• Dulcinée Langfelder

    Photo: Thierry Grare
  • Dulcinée Langfelder

    Photo: Gérald Poirier


  • Total duration: 85 min
  • Inspired by Don Quixote’s famous muse, Dulcinea del Toboso, Dulcinea Langfelder sallies forth to take on Miguel Cervantes’ ‘absent heroine’, giving voice to her namesake to express her vision of the world and its history. You don’t need to have read the book to know intuitively who Dulcinea is. The question is, does she exist? Does she live somewhere in all of us?

    Here, the roles are reversed; Don Quixote becomes Dulcinea’s muse, watching from the wings as our heroine attempts to rescue herself - from a tumultuous history that has given her a questionnable rap... and a lot to mull over. How can she carry his flame?

    In her inimitable multiidisciplinary style, Dulcinea and her chorus of‘Honorable Colleagues’ (her talented technical team) follow the silk road on a pilgrimmage, looking through the mirror to where the present warps with the past, as dance with theatre, words with imagery... Quixote with Dulcinea.

    • Year of premiere: 2008
    • Performer(s): Dulcinée Langfelder, Danny Carbonneau, Érik Lapierre, Danys Levasseur, Vincent Santes
    • Collaborator(s): Vidéos: Yves Labelle; Éclairages: Éric Gingras; Musique: Philippe Noireaut et Danys Levasseur; Scénographie: Ana Cappelluto; Marionnette et manipulation: Vincent Santes.
    Last update: 24 novembre 2014