• Pierre-Marc Ouellette, Emmanuelle Bourassa-Beaudoin

    Photo: Luc Sénécal
  • Pierre-Marc Ouellette et Karina Champoux

    Photo: Bart Van Der Moeren


  • Total duration: 55 min
  • A unique physical and emotional constellation.

    It starts with an immense sky, like an invitation to expansion and freedom. Then comes the power of the sky over those it covers. Open to the caprices of the world, humans allow themselves to be permeated, transformed by it, under this vault that splinters then recombines. In this constant back and forth, this dialogue between interior and exterior, the quest for the absolute, for meaning and beauty, endlessly unfolds.

    In this piece for 6 dancers, Danièle Desnoyers again meets dance head-on, creating a work that defies categorization. After a cycle of fruitful collaborations with artists from diverse disciplines, she now allows the choreographic framework to predominate, weaving a délicate pattern of diverse textures. The work’s score is boldly rhythmic, freewheeling, irrepressible. Desnoyers reveals her urge to “devour” the space and to communicate her deep feelings of humanity.

    • Year of premiere: 2010
    • Target audience: Adulte
    • Choreographer(s): Danièle Desnoyers, Créée en collaboration avec Emmanuelle Bourrassa-Beaudouin, Karina Champoux, Alan Lake, Bernard Martin, Pierre-Marc Ouellette et Catherine Viau.
    • Performer(s): Distribution variable
    • Collaborator(s): Éclairages: Marc Parent; Dramaturge: Guy Cools; Costumes: Le Carré des Lombes; Création sonore: Michel-Antoine Castonguay; Musique originale: Clara Furey; Musique: Dark, Julia Wolfe, Beast, Peteris Plakidis, Frank Liszt, Urmas Sisask; Environnement scénique : Marc Parent, Danièle Desnoyers; Entraîneur de Hula Hoop: Rebecca Halls; Maquillages: Suzanne Trépanier; Répétitrice: Sophie Corriveau.

    “The variable climate, with skies of heavy grey or incandescent orange, is constantly apparent. […] A unique interweaving of energies […] and dancers so bold that we can well imagine them devouring the skies.” A. Apostolska, La Presse, January 2010

    “A beautiful tribute to dancers and a celebration of movement […] In a superbly crafted light environment by Marc Parent, the dancers devour the stage more than the sky. They take up the entire space, playing with it, revelling in it.” F. Doyon, Le Devoir, January 2010

    Last update: 27 novembre 2012