• O Tahiti E, Tahiti

  • "Raices Del Tec de Monterrey" du Mexique

    Photo: PHilippe Meunier (capture d'écran)
  • Rangpuhar, India

    Photo: PHilippe Meunier (capture d'écran)
  • PHilippe Meunier

    Photo: Mélanie Lafontaine


  • Total duration: 8 min
  • Series of 11 videodance clips (length: approx.. 45 seconds each) created to document international dance companies performing at worldwide events (closing ceremonies of Drummondville’s Mondial des cultures festival, annual folk group performances, promotional videos). The creative process consists of reshaping an approximately 5-minute choreographic work; capturing a maximum amount of images with a focus on how the group and performers move; and editing it to portray the delicate cultural pulse of these groups.

    • Year of premiere: 2011
    • Target audience: Grand public
    • Choreographer(s): Philippe Meunier, -Institutio El Cimarron (Argentine), direction artistique: Vanesa Faraoni -Les Bons Diables de Laval (Québec), chorégraphes: Sonia Dion et Cristian Florescu, chorégraphe: Jean-Philippe Lortie -Rangpuhar (Inde) -Raices Del Tec de Monterrey (Mexique), chorégraphe: Eloisa Hernández Gutiérrez -Leshan Song and Dance Troupe (Chine) -Universidad César Vallejo (Pérou), direction artistique: Stany Ayala -O Tahiti E (Tahiti), direction artistique: LAI Marguerite -Jiaxing Mass Art Center (Chine).
    • Collaborator(s): Réalisation: Philippe Meunier, Montage: Philippe Meunier, Design sonore: Philippe Meunier, Caméra: Philippe Meunier.
    Last update: 28 août 2012