Rayon X: a true decoy story

  • Available show
  • Youth-friendly (secondary school)
  • Philippe B, Simon-Xavier Lefebvre, Zoey Gauld, Marilyne St-Sauveur, Andrew Turner et Anne Theriault

    Photo: Mathieu Doyon
  • Simon-Xavier Lefebvre, Andrew Turner, Philippe B,Marilyne St-Sauveur, Zoey Gauld et Anne Theriault

    Photo: Jonathan Inksetter
  • Photo: Marie Béland, Jérémy Verain


  • maribé - sors de ce corps


  • Tangente
    En codiffusion avec Les Coups de Théâtre
    • November 26, 2010, 7:30 pm
  • Tangente
    En codiffusion avec Les Coups de Théâtre
    • November 28, 2010, 4:00 pm
  • Total duration: 60 min
  • In RAYON X, Marie Béland shows audiences what happens behind the scenes in the creative process. She peels back the layers to reveal truths about the gestures, performers, ideas and images that make up the world of dance. What are the hidden stakes of performance decorum? The audience is invited to participate in an “autopsy” of the codes and tricks used in performance. A process that also inspires spectators to question what they perceive and what they think about what’s happening on stage - as well as perhaps how they perceive and view their own lives.

    • Year of premiere: 2010
    • Target audience: Grand public, Jeunesse (13 ans et +)
    • Choreographer(s): Marie Béland, Jérémy Verain
    • Performer(s): Zoey Gauld, Simon-Xavier Lefebvre, Marilyne St-Sauveur, Anne Theriault, Andrew Turner et Philippe B.
    • Collaborator(s): Philippe B, Frédérick Gravel, Jonathan Inksetter, Ève Lambert, Katya Montaignac, Thea Patterson
    • Artistic direction: Marie Béland
    Last update: 14 novembre 2011