• Photo: Jeremy Mimnagh


  • Total duration: 65 min
  • In Peter Chin’s newest work he asks the question, Can one become Nicaraguan? He attempts to answer that question with Fluency, a multidisciplinary piece imbued with finesse and humour that he developed during a lengthy stay in Latin America. Over a two-year period the choreographer, dancer, musician and four-time Dora Mavor Moore Award winner, accompanied by videographer Jeremy Mimnagh, documented his efforts to learn Spanish and his attempts to integrate into a new culture, an undertaking that involved more than a few comical situations. It all led to this very playful piece, an atypical progress report that lies somewhere between dance, theatre, video and a talk show.

    By means of a skilful assembling of dance, video, interviews and even a testimonial from María Constanza Guzmán, a sociologist and language specialist in York University’s translation department, Peter Chin has transformed his own experience of Nicaraguan culture into a very refreshing piece of work. Indeed, “Peter Chin’s great ability is to startle with the unexpected.” (Toronto Star).

    He shares the stage with Billy Marchenski, a Vancouver actor and dancer who plays the various interviewees, and dancer Alison Denham. She portrays in dance the series of movements created by the choreographer in Nicaragua, kinetic expressions of his anthropological adventures. Fluency is a distillation of countless hours of video footage filmed by sound artist and videographer Jeremy Mimnagh, his accomplice and mindful, amused witness to the entire venture.

    Performed in English and Spanish with surtitles.

    • Year of premiere: 2011
    • Target audience: Grand public
    • Choreographer(s): Peter Chin
    • Performer(s): Peter Chin, Alison Denham, Billy Marchenski et María Constanza Guzmán
    • Collaborator(s): Video designer/project advisor: Jeremy Mimnagh; Lights and Scenographie: David Duclos; Music: Garnet Willis
    Last update: 12 avril 2011