December 4, 2013, 11:30 am
  • Gibson Muriva (chorégraphe indépendant) / Muriva Danse

    Born in Zimbabwe, Gibson Muriva began his professional career with National Ballet of Zimbabwe, during which time he earned the honours of “Best Dancer”. He then continued to develop his art with other companies in Zimbabwe, England and Canada.Muriva moved to Montreal in 2007. This is where, in 2009, he premiered Sisi, his first piece, at Montréal, Arts Interculturels, which led to him receiving funding from CAM and MAI that enabled him to tour the island of Montreal, and participate in numerous events at Tangente, Vue sur la Relève and Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival.

    His choreography is an extremely physical combination of traditional African dance and western dance styles including ballet, jazz and contemporary. Muriva is continually looking for ways to express these multiple forms and thus make them more representative of his own voice.

    • Sisi
      • Photo: David Chedore
      • Mika Lior, Julie Burel, Christine Larivière, Marie-Adeline Choquet

        Photo: Marianne Pointner

      This solo, accompanied by violin, is inspired by the strong spirits, who, ready to leave their past - and their mistakes - behind, can truly unite. However, this “passage” must frequently be marked by a particular ritual; something that is defined by our own experiences and cultures.

      The Chewas people of southern Africa have initiation rituals to help young boys and girls pass into adulthood. This passage or transition towards a new life requires children to make a difficult choice: to accept tradition or leave the community.

      Conformity is a choice. It can lead to a superior status in the community, group, society or family of which we are members. But it can also lead to new - more positive - directions. In each situation, we must evaluate the choice according to the price that must be paid.

  • Mandoline Hybride / Priscilla Guy

    Founded in 2007 by Montreal-based artist Priscilla Guy, Mandoline Hybride explores the body in motion through different medias: Videodances, site specific choreographies, video installations, and multidisciplinary stage performances. Everyday architecture, nature and gestures, as well as choreographic editing are at the center of Priscilla Guy’s creative approach.

    Mandoline Hybride has presented works in more than 15 cities in Quebec and Canada, as well as in the United States, France, and Spain, in addition to several international festivals where Priscilla Guy’s films were screened. Mandoline Hybride has developed a specialized expertize in screendance since 2012, notably through the Regards Hybrides’ platform, cofounded by Priscilla Guy and Claudia Hébert (Toronto, Canada), dedicated to dance on screen and its articulation, development, and influence.

    • Les Installations Mouvantes
      • Laurence Sabourin-Laflamme (accordéon), Priscilla Guy et Xavier Malo (danse)

        Photo: Omer Yukseker

      Plusieurs durées possibles : 3 x 12 min (infiltrations) ou 1 x 45 min (déambulation).

      Apparitions impromptues, Les installations mouvantes investissent les bistros, bibliothèques et espaces publics. Singeant leurs voisins de table ou les passants d’un lieu donné, les artistes s’infiltrent au cœur de situations quotidiennes. Leurs gestes, d’abord anodins, évoluent vers des comportements de plus en plus décalés. Alors commence la danse, et le réel bascule dans un univers poétique : les tasses deviennent lunettes et les livres oiseaux, tandis que les cuillères sonnent d’improbables comptes à rebours. En complicité avec les diffuseurs, commerçants et divers lieux d’accueil, cette performance va à la rencontre de nouveaux publics et propose une fissure dans le carcan du quotidien.