December 5, 2012, 11:45 am
  • Code Universel

    Co-founded in 2003 by Daniel Bélanger, Code Universel distinguishes by its multidisciplinary shows whose main focus is contemporary dance. Centred on interdisciplinary teams, each project allows artists to experiment different approaches that give birth to new ideas of forms.

    Thereby, it contributes to democratizing contemporary dance and arousing public interest in discovering innovative projects accessible to all. It also offers workshops and conferences for professional and amateur customers.

    Since then, Code Universel has created more than 15 shows with different art forms, reaching diverse audiences with originality, plurality and universality of artistic proposals as much as the underlying humanistic approach. Very active in Québec’s cultural environment some arts work are providing international visibility and recognition.

    • Alors, dansez maintenant!
      • Photo: David Cannon
      • Jean-François Duke, Fabien Piché, Eve Rousseau-Cyr, Maryse Damecour

        Photo: David Cannon

      “You can continue to dance,” said the ant in disgust to the poor grasshopper, who had created his own misery. Inspired by Aesop’s fable, choreographer Daniel Bélanger revisits the universal themes of competition, harmony, relationships and folly to affectionately snub the ant! Six dancers move across the stage in a series of tableaux vivants that reproduce daily life situations in a more playful and poetic light.