News Item

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The DSR is collaborating in the implementation of four projects involving joint missions with international distributors. La DSR will be forging ties with Archipel, la Briqueterie, Occitanie en scènes and Wallonie Bruxelles to promote the dissemination of dance internationally. The formula is essentially the same for all four projects: Quebec and European distributors will form twin delegations to share expertise with one another and to foster a common dialog and discussions. In November, the European delegations will attend Parcours Danse with a chief objective is mind: to discover the culture of dance in Quebec and to appreciate our artists’ know-how.

Since the 2017 edition of Parcours Danse, La danse sur les routes du Québec has been recognized as a partner for international reciprocity projects. La DSR is a committed partner in four France-Québec international cooperation projects:

Archipel An ensemble of cultural solidarity actors Québec-Nantes-Tunis

Since 2004, the Yvann Alexandre company has built a strong bond with Quebec in the form of residencies to create, disseminate, train and develop an audience. Archipel was born from this bond and the initiative of the Yvann Alexandre company, Théâtre Francine Vasse, Laboratoires Vivants and La Rotonde/Groupe Danse Partout.

Archipel aims at connecting and cooperating with diverse partners that include distributors, creative support organizations and higher education institutions. Building on the areas of expertise of various partners, this instrument mobilizes a range of resources and is implemented in support of artistic projects. Archipel wants to unite the stakeholders and build lasting bridges between organizations and territories in theater, dance and writing.

Scènes en réseaux — LAB Québec-France 2019-2020

  • A collaborative project entitled Scènes en réseaux — LAB Québec-France 2019-2020, conducted jointly by Occitanie en scène and Réseau Scènes, in partnership with La danse sur les routes du Québec, was created in 2019 and will be separated over two seasons around three main endeavours: help match professionals, given that the teams of broadcast locations in Quebec and in France allow for mutual training according to the professional practices of each country;
  • organizing thematic seminars, particularly on the location of shows;
  • artistic research labs between artists from Quebec and France.

The project aims to understand the ecosystems of live arts performances on both sides of the Atlantic, to build new work processes and to experiment with new professional practices through the exchange of know-how. In the long term, we hope that it will foster the development of mutual knowledge and trust that will favour the detection of artistic talent, the circulation and support of artists (co-creation, co-production and distribution) between France and Quebec.

The Briqueterie and the Biennale of Val-de-Marne

In the making since spring 2018, this project, spearheaded by La Briqueterie and La DSR, will be delivered in three phases during the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons. It includes the attendance of five French distributors at Parcours Danse 2019 and five Quebec distributors, who will attend the Plateaux de La Briqueterie in September 2019. La DSR was granted support from the Commission permanente de coopération franco-québécoise, which can be renewed in 2020-2021. La Briqueterie has also been granted equivalent funding as part of this reciprocity project.

Joint Mission Wallonie-Bruxelles and Quebec

Thanks to the support of the Wallonie-Bruxelles Delegation in Quebec, a joint mission will provide the opportunity to Quebec distributors to attend the Objectifs Danse in Belgium next fall. A few weeks later, a delegation of Belgian distributors will travel to Montréal to take part in Parcours Danse 2019. This joint mission aims to build bonds between distributors and artists from both countries.