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Company Presentation

ZEUGMA DANCE is a professional company whose signature style is rooted in the Quebec step dancing which is fused with percussive dance and contemporary movement, creating an explosive movement vocabulary and a distinctive choreographic identity.

Active since 2001 on the national and international stage, the company has 12 works in its repertoire: Chantier (2003), (2004), Hypertension (2005), Rapaillé (2008), Sokalo (2012), Sens (2013), R (2014), VII (2015), Cube (2015), Remix (2016) and Aube (2018), as well as the collective coproduction Muses (2017). ZEUGMA DANCE is currently developing two new choreographic works: Errances and Mémoires.


  • Zeugma Danse
    • 417 - 397, Boulevard des Prairies - Bureau 417
    • Laval (QC) H7N 2W6
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