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Company Presentation

Trial & Eros was Incorporated in Vancouver and then relocated to Montreal in 2001. Artistic Director Deborah Dunn began her career as a photographer, set designer and costume designer before turning to choreographer - which explains the interdisciplinary nature of her work. Performances produced by Trial & Eros touch on social commentary, as well as historical inquiry and humour.

In 2005, Trial & Eros premiered the hilarious and sumptuous Elegant Heathens in Calgary and Montreal, and then in 2007, Danse-Cité presented its Nocturnes at Agora de la Danse in Montreal. Nocturnes also toured the Maisons de Cultures of Montreal during the 2010-2011 season. Four Quartets, a performance inspired by the poems of T.S. Eliot, was presented at the Agora in 2011.

Since 2010, Deborah Dunn has been working on a new piece - Orlando - for seven performers. This show will premiere at the Agora in March 2012.


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