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Etablished in Montreal since 1989, Dominique Porte built up a solid reputation as an intense, precise, and virtuosic performer (with Compagnie Marie Chouinard, William Douglas, José Navas) before founding her own company, Système D/Dominique Porte, in 1999. Fascinated by human nature and the human condition, Dominique has developed a unique style and rhythm to explore the themes of communication, the relationship with the Other, identity, and sensory perception. Poetic worlds and images are released in powerful works in which music - usually live - plays an integral part. Dominique’s choreographies have been presented locally, nationally, and internationally, including at several festivals. In her two most recent creations, JE ( 2011) and Hors JE ( 2014), she has returned to the solo form, inviting the audience to take a troubling plunge into her intimate world to witness close-up the evolution of the piece as well as the finished product.


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