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Company Presentation

“When Shantala dances, it is like being illuminated by a dancing halo of a flame.” (Vogue, France)

Ibuki [Ushio Amagatsu] breathes to the rhythm of nature. […] Shantala Shivalingappa’s refined gestures and movements are a great comfort in these difficult times.” (Les Échos, Paris, à propos de Namasya)

She has danced for Pina Bausch, Maurice Béjart and Peter Brook. She is sublime. Her name is Shantala Shivalingappa. She will be in Montreal with two programs that highlight her grace, her eloquence and her virtuosity. The first features Kuchipudi, a classical form of dance from southern India where, following tradition, the soloist is accompanied by musicians. From the very first notes, she incarnates the characters of legend in an exuberant, rhythmic dialogue between the body and the music. During the second week, she will perform a program of contemporary works by Pina Bausch and Ushio Amagatsu (Sankai Juku). A gifted performer in both forms of dance, “Shantala captivates audiences. She makes each graceful movement of the body an offering to God, a very magical moment”. (La Voix du Nord, Lille)