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Company Presentation

With RBDG, Victor Quijada reconciles opposing dance worlds and their aesthetics by mixing the spontaneity, fearlessness and risk-taking of his younger years in hip-hop culture with the refinement and choreographic maturity of his career as a professional dancer of ballet and contemporary works. His position as a pioneer of this ground-breaking movement form is demonstrated by seventeen years of artistic research through near thirty creations. Beating with the fresh pulse of street attitude and an acute understanding of theatrical staging, his choreographies explore human relationships by harnessing the single-mindedness of obsession, the shock of violence, and the delicate nature of tenderness, comedy, and tragedy.

In addition to the stage and film creations Victor Quijada has developed the RUBBERBAND Method to prepare professional dancers for the demands of the company’s choreography. This program introduces dancers to a movement hybrid influenced by urban and contemporary dance vocabularies, while emphasizing interpretation and decision-making.


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