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Company Presentation

Simultaneously a choreographer, cultural mediator and manager, Rhodnie Désir meets the stage, this sacred space, as a site to build bridges between her ancestors and the present. Her approach constantly revolves around languages spoken or sung properly created for each of her works, from which emanates a singular gesture as a single time marker: a contemporary drawing on traditions from Haïti, Central and West Africa. The signature of Desir also recognizes her love for the object and its mutidimensional use, being both narrative and refined.

Since 2009, she nourishes her repertoire by creating and interpreting (2009), É'TA (2011), Ví [REC] (2012), and in 2013: BOW'T and AYEwa. This penultimate work, created in residence at the GESÙ, was a springboard for programing opportunities related to her work as a choreographer. In 2013, her works BOW'T and AYEwa featured on the scenes of the Réseau Accès Culture, the Zone Homa Festival, the Festival Quartiers Danse, the Festival Montreal en Lumières and the Eclectik event of MAI, to name just a few.

In this day and through actions of cultural mediation adapted and innovative, Désir wants to work closely with broadcasters to see a development of public in a long-term rather than on a one-time basis. Your curious? Contact her for more infos!


  • Rhodnie Désir (chorégraphe indépendante)