Companies / Philippe Meunier (chorégraphe indépendant)

Company Presentation

A bold artist involved with percussive dance for the last 15 years, Philippe Meunier learned his profession while working with a number of Montreal-based folk groups. He joined Les Sortilèges - Danses du Monde in 2002 and then [ZØGMA] Collectif de folklore urbain in 2008. A dancer for the Quebec group Loco Locass, Meunier has also been developing his body percussion skills with Sandy Sylva since 2010. Meunier has performed for many choreographers since 2005, as part of Biennales de Gigue Contemporaine (BIGICO) at Tangente. He has also premiered his own work, namely ¿Qué? in 2007 and Répercussions in 2011.