Companies / Maï(g)wenn et les orteils

Company Presentation

Maï(g)wenn et les Orteils is a young contemporary jig dance company working with professional artists that are different and marginalized (Williams syndrome, Asperger syndrome, X fragile syndrome). Human being is the heart of each creation and the company wishes to build a link with the audience, offering sincere and touching work, always wanting to bring life and authenticity on stage.

In the core of Maï(g)wenn et les Orteils’ artistic approach lies the human being. Every piece is created with great intuition using the performers’ life experience, their backgrounds and the relation that grows between them and the choreographer as unique material to create a sensitive and genuine dance work, always aiming to bring vitality and authenticity on stage.

Every creation aims to be a questioning, a reflection on a specific theme (fears, bullying, rejection, sexuality, etc.) but always put in the perspective of our relation to difference and normality. The spectator is called to think and to arouse questionings and reflections on the perception which it has of itself and the other one.