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Company Presentation

La La La Human Steps was founded in 1980 by Édouard Lock around a three-week series of performances in the small theatre l'Eskabel in Montreal's St-Henri district, which led the troupe to The Kitchen in New York City, the epicentre of contemporary dance at the time. Since then, the troupe has become one of the world's most recognized dance companies, thanks to the unique choreographic language it developed and has constantly reinvented since its inception. Over the years La La La Human Steps has collaborated with institutions and artists as diverse and eclectic, as the Paris Opera, David Bowie or Frank Zappa while encouraging its dancers to constantly redefine, and renew themselves over a choreographic palette extending from the extreme to the lyrical. Choreographic complexity, the alteration of balletic structures and the intertwining of choreographic, musical and cinematic strands are among the elements that create a sense of perceptual distortion and renewal, that encourage audiences to both reinvent and rediscover the body and its dance.


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