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Company Presentation

Katie Ward’s work uses devised blind and imaginative systems of navigation. It is an investigation of perceptions around being, becoming, and what is. Recently, Katie has presented several new works including Infinity Doughnut, an ensemble work that treats interconnection, Matière Grise, a relational solo piece created in collaboration and performed by Peter James and commissioned by La 2e Porte à Gauche, and Reality, a duet performed by herself and thereminist John Tielli. The works operate by connecting things that are in the performance space as a way to examine and develop realism in performance. Infinity Doughnut was awarded creation residencies at Dance4 (UK) and in Créteil (FR). Her creations Infinity Doughnut (2014) and Rock Steady (2012) were created and performed in Montreal, in France, and in the UK. Katie lives and works in Montreal. She is currently pursuing a study program entitled Master of Theatre practises in Arnhem, Netherlands.


  • Katie Ward (chorégraphe indépendante)