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Grand Poney is an indiscernible, visionary and noble beast. Artistic director Jacques Poulin-Denis laid the first planks of the company’s grand homestead in Montreal in August 2009. An interdisciplinary company, Grand Poney brings artists together to devise a creative process that stems from experiments in dance, theater and music. The company develops a hybridized and idea based writing style that reinvents itself indefinitely, while questioning its relationship to others and attempting to bridge the obvious and the imaginary. Given Grand Poney’s delusions of grandeur, the company’s projects generally contain a measure of unfeasibility.

Jacques Poulin-Denis is a craftsman of the stage. Composer, choreographer, director and performer, since 2004 he undertakes projects that blur the boundaries between the disciplines of dance, music and theater. He creates works that are humanistic and uncanny. By gently knocking the spectator off center, he puts forth the strength within the vulnerability of the characters he brings to life. In 2009, he founds the creation company Grand Poney that has become the foundation of his interdisciplinary projects.

His work has been shown in Montreal, New York and San Francisco, as well as France, Italy and Korea. Gently Crumbling (2011), Practices (2009), Domestik (2009), Cible de Dieu (2009), The Pencil Project (2008) and DORS (2007) are the pieces that constitute his repertory. As a composer, he has released two albums under the Ekumen banner and has composed sound scores for more than a dozen dance and theater productions. He has created music for choreographies by Boyzie Cekwana, Katie Faulkner, Eric Kupers, Ginette Laurin, Catherine Gaudet and Mélanie Demers and for plays directed by Philippe Cyr, Philippe Lambert, Denis Marleau and Denis Rouleau. A close collaborator of choreographer Mélanie Demers, as a composer and performer, he has been active with her company Mayday since 2006. Winner of an Isadora Duncan Dance Awards, San Francisco in 2004 and a Saskatoon Area Theater Award in 2009, Jacques Poulin-Denis was also nominated for a Dora Award, Toronto in 2008 and an Opus, Montreal in 2010. He is also winner of the Rideau/Radarts Awards 2103.


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