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Company Presentation

For Danse Carpe Diem/Emmanuel Jouthe (DCD/EJ), creation stems from a profound desire to make contact with the individual, whether spectator or dancer. For over fifteen years and through some dozen works, the company has made a strong impact on the local, national and international stages. DCD/EJ wishes to share the experience of beauty through a spectrum of sensory impressions, in a humanistic poetry that combines a sensual and percussive dance, at once minimalist and dynamic, sometimes driven by physical risk, at other times by incongruous situations. This approach has engendered a dialogue in which movement substitutes for words, summoning the viewer’s imagination.

In harmony with these values, the company places human exchanges at the heart of its choreographic art. This is why, since 2008, it has directed its actions towards the community, launching such projects as Écoute pour voir and CINQ HUMEURS, as well as a unique outreach activity called Lever de rideau (Curtain- Raiser) and the research project Proximités variables.

In addition to meeting its artistic and human objectives, these outreach activities serve to energize the relationship between company and audience, offering new and varied perspectives, artistically rich yet accessible, and quite different from the usual post-performance encounters. Their goal is to democratize dance, reaching out to the public on ground that is familiar to them, and using a personalized approach in tune with each specific audience.


  • Danse Carpe Diem / Emmanuel Jouthe