Companies / Dans son salon

Company Presentation

Dance collective Dans son salon (DSS), formed by Karenne Gravel et Emmalie Ruest (choreographers/dancers), Liane Thériault (videographer) and Marijoe Foucher (rehearsal director), has developped a dance where self-mockery is used to criticise the conventions that models social life. It presents a humoristic vision of dance unafraid of ridicule that is shown through choreography, movement’s qualities or staging methods. Comic emanates also from characters created by the choreographers, Karenne and Emmalie. They embodie an amplified version of their own personalities. In their research, Karenne and Emmalie are also inspired by the clown, a character that can only exists through the public's eye, where he will do all kinds of exceptional feats to keep the audience's attention. Finally, they desire to cultivate a vision of the future that is mostly optimistic. They continuously seek to stage their own definition of happiness, to re-invent it, as unfamiliar as this definition might be.

Their choreographic world is feminine, voluntarily naïve, and definitely not in line with reality. Their artistic research centers around the non-sense present in our daily lives that are sometimes sly and even harmful. Why do we choose to endure some absurdities in our lives? Enigmatic human behavior is definitely a source of inspiration for the duet. Furthermore, the work of the collective is inspired by exotism and kitsch elements - artefacts that automatically attract the eye, imagination and sensations. DSS is fascinated by kitsch in an anthropological and artistic way as much as it wants to understand this phenomenon. In that way, the collective is questioning and analysing its own aesthetics tendencies to understand its desires and deep-seated instincts.