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Company Presentation

Le Carré des Lombes is a Montreal dance company founded in 1989 by Danièle Desnoyers, who serves as its Artistic Director. A non-profit organization, its mission is to foster activities of creation, production, presentation, instruction and audience development, both nationally and internationally, reflecting an artistic vision in which dance, music, the visual arts and technologies converge. Over the course of three decades, Le Carré des Lombes has built up a repertoire of some twenty works. Le Carré des Lombes is a member of Circuit-Est, centre chorégraphique, with which it shares material and organizational resources. It also helps to ensure the sustainability of this centre, whose goal is to support professional dance artists. At the heart of the multiform mission of Le Carré des Lombes is a desire to cultivate the company’s uniqueness, while maintaining a strong presence within the performing arts community.


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