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Company Presentation

Since the 1990s Danièle Desnoyers has taken her company, Le Carré des Lombes, on a unique trajectory, far from the beaten paths, across the landscape of international contemporary dance. Her repertoire, composed of some twenty works (Discordantia, Concerto grosso pour corps et surface métallique, Bataille, Duos pour corps et instruments, Play it Again!, Là où je vis, Dévorer le ciel, Paradoxe Mélodie, etc.), reflects an artistic vision in which dance, music, the visual arts and technologies are intertwined. The raw materials of sound, her dramaturgical matrix, give the choreographer a degree of abstraction that she applies directly to the language of the body. As her flagship work, Duos pour corps et instruments (2003), continues to tour internationally, she is working on a new work, entitled UNFOLD| 7 perspectives, which has been presented in premiere at Festival TransAmériques on May 30, 31 and June 1st, 2019. A committed artist and teacher, Danièle Desnoyers is now director of the dance faculty of the Université du Québec à Montréal, since August 7th 2019 and has been a member and teacher of this same institution since 2012. It is there that she received the bulk of her professional training.


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