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Company Presentation

Compagnie Virginie Brunelle was founded in Montreal in 2009. From the start, Virginie Brunelle has acted as its Artistic and Executive Director. The productions have been presented on local, national and international stages, in 10 countries and in over 50 cities, notably Aarhus, Amsterdam, Bassano del Grappa, Beirut, Bruges, Budapest, Mexico, Milan, Montreal, São Paulo, Seoul, Turin and Vancouver. With authenticity and human emotion, as well as through her themes and choice of performers, Virginie wishes to establish an intimate connection with her audience, stirring them with singular and powerful pieces. Her work can be recognized in the sensitive but raw performances, the cinematic tableaux and a vocabulary that seeks to deconstruct traditional codes, using staccato rhythms and coarse movement, constantly alternating between tension and release. Above all, Virginie is interested in humans, their emotions, and the poetry of everyday existence.


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