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  • Monday, July 15, 2019

    Designed and organized by La danse sur les routes du Québec, Parcours Danse is one of the North American leaders in dedicated dance platforms since 2012.

    For the 2019 edition, Parcours Danse’s headquarters will be at the Wilder Espace Danse, 15 cultural venues in Montréal will join forces and the event will bring together various partners to honour Quebec-based choreographic creations.

    This year, the jury have selected 27 shows and creations based on their artistic quality as well as their potential to tour in Quebec, in Canada or internationally. The official selection features creations of choreographers from all backgrounds and types of dance and reflects the elaborate choreographic languages from Quebec-based artists.

    The selection process has been conducted in keeping with DSR’s approach to help ensure equity for all artists applying for Parcours Danse. This is why this year’s official selection was made by a peer review panel, supported, when necessary, by peers who are culturally representative or specialized in the form of dance being submitted.

    Discover the official selection in pictures!

  • Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    [Text not available in English.]

    Accueil des diffuseurs internationaux — Du 19 août au 13 décembre 2019

    Mise en contexte

    Conçu et réalisé par La danse sur les routes du Québec ( La DSR), Parcours Danse se positionne depuis 2012 comme une des plus grandes plateformes consacrées exclusivement à la danse en Amérique du Nord. En 2019, La DSR collaborera avec 15 lieux culturels de Montréal et mobilisera de nombreux partenaires pour mettre à l’honneur la création chorégraphique québécoise.


    Sous la supervision de la codirectrice Parcours Danse, le.la candidat.e voit à la coordination de l’accueil des diffuseurs internationaux en amont et pendant la Biennale Parcours Danse.

  • Wednesday, June 26, 2019

    Download this call in PDF: English | Français

    Do you want your unique artistic vision to be shared across Ontario and Quebec? Would you like more access to networks of presenters and to spaces for your work to be seen? Do you want to strengthen your distribution and marketing tools?

    Who we are:

    Presentation networks La danse sur les routes du Québec and Ontario Presents, along with The CanDance Network are collaborating with Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) dance artist, Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo, and experienced presenter and arts manager, Lee Bolton, on a new project to promote the work of dance artists from Indigenous and racialized communities through coaching, facilitating communications, and organizing meetings between the artists and presenters in Ontario and Québec.

  • Monday, June 17, 2019

    Pierre-David Rodrigue is succeeding to Paule Beaudry

    Paule Beaudry, Executive Director of La danse sur les routes du Québec (DSR) since 2003, announces that she will leave her position at the end of August 2019. “This decision was not easy to make: I still love what I do and I feel appreciated,” she explains. “I have chosen to hand over the leadership of the organisation at this point in time, because it is in good hands and the mission for which I have put so much effort will continue to blossom. I am proud to transfer my leadership at this moment, knowing that Pierre-David Rodrigue’s sensitivity, intelligence and ability to act will serve the organisation’s community and mandates.”

  • Wednesday, June 5, 2019

    [Text not available in English.]

    Faites la promotion de vos spectacles et activités dans la brochure Jouer dehors 2020!

    Toutes les impressions sont en couleur et la brochure est:

    • Diffusée sur le site internet et les médias sociaux de La DSR;
    • Distribuée par les artistes de Jouer dehors;
    • Mise en avant dans le cadre de ROSEQ, Parcours Danse et RIDEAU;
    • Envoyée à plus de 800 diffuseurs et festivals.

    Date limite pour réserver un espace: 30 juin 2019.

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